We promise…you’ve never had a funnel cake this good.

Old Man Winter

It’s that time of year when the ground is covered with snow, most activities are indoors and people begin to yearn for the first signs of Spring.  Since we went live with the website in the Fall, we have been pretty quiet over here at Fun’l Frenzy… but guess what?   We’re back!  People often call us and ask where they can buy a funnel cake or want to know where we are located?  In the warmer months, that question always gets me excited as I start to rattle off all of the wonderful and fun-filled festivals we are apart of.  In the winter months, when I get those phone calls, it almost pains me to tell people that we are mobile business and we don’t have a permanent location where one can get a funnel cake any day of the year.

So what do we know in these cold winter months.  Well.. it is this time of year that we are actively seeking out events to participate in, downloading applications and updating our calendar with tentative event dates.  This season, I am personally so excited about Fun’l Frenzy because it is our first season with our new and beautifully designed trailer.  And this year we will have the big reveal of the second Fun’l Frenzy trailer, so that we can participate in even more amazing events throughout Ohio.  So come on Old Man Winter and give us a break, over here at Fun’l Frenzy we are ready to put down the hot chocolate and pick up the whipped cream (for our strawberry works funnel cakes that is… with fresh strawberries drizzled with chocolate and whipped cream).

Bring on the Spring!


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