We promise…you’ve never had a funnel cake this good.

The First Family of Fun’l Cakes


Stacee Roy, Co-Founder
First Lady of Fun’l Cakes

Fun’l Frenzy co-founder, Stacee Roy manages business operations and sees herself as someone who “makes it happen”. Throughout her career as a project manger and business analyst, Stacee has always enjoyed nurturing her entrepreneurial spirit and visionary leadership of “transforming things from idea to conception.”

Prior to starting Fun’l Frenzy, Stacee says, “I am the type of person that always had an eye for a successful business opportunity, so when we initially considered starting this business, with such an amazing recipe, I knew we had to act fast. Just like a lot of people, I grew up looking for funnel cakes at any event I attended. The combination of our recipe and the pride that we take in the experience our customers have is unrivaled.”


Starting Fun’l Frenzy with husband and business partner Ronnie Roy has taught Stacee some important lessons, including “I cannot be everywhere and do everything. It’s important to have balance and be willing to ask for help.” “Building a great team is so crucial and with the team we have now I feel like there’s no limit to what we can accomplish.”

For Stacee this means “at no point in any day are we not family, and we always have to treat each other that way, which is part of what makes a family business special.”